How to Get Your Property Rent-Ready

There is a lot to do any time you need to get your property rent-ready, from cleaning to repairing to marketing and showing. Property management can be a hefty task, but it doesn’t have to be! 

Here are a few of many things you can do to prepare your property for renters:

Freshen Up the Curb Appeal

The first area you need to focus on is the exterior. In other words, work on your property’s curb appeal. Liven up the landscaping, remove debris or trash, repaint if necessary, and tidy up the space.

Stand and Deliver

Next, walk through the front door and take a good look around from the entryway. You shouldn’t see any peeling or chipped paint, there should be clean carpets and floors, and no spider webs should be dangling anywhere. You should also be able to unlock and open the front door easily – if not, you may need to adjust your locks!

Walk the Wall

The next item of business when getting your property rent-ready is to do a process called “walking the wall.” Starting from the front door, follow the walls of the rental until you’ve walked a complete path back to the starting point.

As you walk, check every outlet, eyeball each window treatment, check window locks, look for cracks in windows and walls, turn on faucets and check for leaks, and inspect every appliance. 

List and Consolidate Repairs

Make a comprehensive list of items that need repair and plan to minimize the amount of time you spend repairing them yourself. If you have a relationship with vendors in the area, the repairs can get done quickly to get the property listed as soon as possible. 

Ultimately, a property management company can handle every detail when it comes to preparing your property for renters and much more. Contact Reliable Property Management, Inc. at  443-869-3799 to learn what we can do for you today!