Steps to Legally Remove Tenant Belongings After an Eviction

Once you have successfully evicted a former tenant, the next challenge involves removing their property. Unfortunately, Maryland law does not permit you to simply put their belongings out on the curb. Doing so can give the tenant the right to sue you if their property is stolen or damaged.

Instead, landlords in Baltimore should follow these key steps to legally dispose of a tenant’s property after they have evicted them:

Dispose of Waste

First, any items that are clearly garbage can be thrown away. This includes leftover food, items in wastebaskets, and similar items. Be wary of potentially dangerous items and dispose of them properly.

Document Items of Value

Document all other personal property of the tenant and its condition. You might take one or more photographs of these items. Make sure to check closets and cabinets for items. You will need to make a reasonable effort to safeguard and protect any property you find against further loss or damage.

Notify the Tenant About Their Property

Once you’ve documented the property, you can notify the tenant that you have items belonging to them that are still on your premises and advise them to pick up such property as soon as possible. As with documenting the items, you should make reasonable efforts to notify the tenant. Keep records showing what efforts you made.

Wait 15 Days

After you’ve notified the tenant about their property, you will need to give them a certain period of time to remove their property. Typically, this period should include a minimum of 15 days. 

Sell or Dispose of Any Remaining Property

If you have given the tenant notice to retrieve their property and waited the requisite amount of time, you can sell, keep, or dispose of any remaining personal property. 

Leave Your Property Management to the Professionals

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