How to Deal With an Unauthorized Person Living in Your Rental Property

Managing rental is a tough job. It involves constant diligence, staying current on state laws, and having to make tough decisions at a moment’s notice. 

 Of all the challenging situations that can arise when renting out properties, dealing with an unauthorized person in your property is one of the most frustrating. 

 Whether you own or manage the property, the following information is intended to help with this difficult endeavor. 

What Exactly Is an Unauthorized Occupant? 

In the simplest terms, an unauthorized occupant is a person who isn’t on a lease but still lives in the home. If someone in the residence has stayed long beyond what would count as a visit and is living with the tenant, then you’ll need to take action to remove the unauthorized occupant. A few examples of unauthorized occupants are:

 Long-term guests of your tenant

  • Sublet tenants
  • Squatters

 Any of these can create serious headaches for homeowners and property managers. 

Why Are Unauthorized Persons a Problem? 

Unauthorized persons can create significant problems for owners and managers. Since they aren’t on the lease, they can’t be held accountable for any damage they do. Unauthorized occupants aren’t obligated to follow the rules established in the lease, and since they don’t pay rent, you may not see any money coming in while you’re working on getting them out. 

What You Can Do 

When dealing with an unauthorized occupant, start with the easiest solution first and go from there: talk with the lease-holding tenant and see if you can agree to a simple resolution. 

 If this doesn’t work, you may have to consider eviction. However, be sure to check the original lease to be absolutely sure that your tenant is violating the lease agreement before moving forward with this process. 

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