A Landlord’s Right to Enter Their Rental Property

When a property is under contract as a rental, both the tenants and the landlord have specific legal rights. A tenant has a right to privacy, but at the same time, a landlord (or their property management company) has the right to enter the property they own – under certain conditions.

When Can a Landlord Legally Enter a Rental?

There are a variety of legal reasons why a tenant would be required to let a landlord into the rental. These include:

  • A need to perform maintenance or repairs
  • Alterations or improvements need to be made 
  • If the landlord needs to deliver a large package
  • For the landlord to provide services requested by or agreed to by the tenant
  • If the rental has been abandoned
  • When a court order grants permission
  • In order for the landlord to show the apartment for sale or future rental
  • When the tenant has violated health or safety codes
  • When the landlord needs to issue an eviction notice
  • So the landlord can perform inspections

With a few exceptions, the landlord is usually required by law to provide advance notice to a tenant of their intent to enter at least 24 to 48 hours beforehand. 

Other Considerations

It should be noted that a landlord is required to keep their visits to an occupied rental to reasonable hours. These hours vary by state but generally, normal business hours are observed.

However, if certain criteria are met, landlords can enter at any time of the day. Some of these circumstances include when there are gas leaks, fires, floods, or other disasters in a rental property. An exception can also be made if the tenant requested services.

A landlord can also enter during reasonable hours for regular services that are spelled out in the lease, such as pest control services, changing furnace filters, and other basic maintenance tasks.

Making Rentals Easy

Managing tenant schedules and staying informed about legal rental requirements can be easier when you partner with a high-quality property management company. For help with everything from maintenance and rent collection to tenant screening and evictions, contact Reliable Property Management today at 443-869-3799!