A Guide to Landlord-Tenant Laws in Maryland

If you’re going to have success as a landlord in Maryland, it’s important to know the laws. 

When landlords and tenants don’t understand their rights, it can lead to significant interpersonal issues. Additionally, you may have to get the legal system involved, which can be messy and expensive for both parties.

Renting in Maryland: The Basics

Here are some of the baseline landlord-tenant laws in Maryland. If you need help understanding these laws fully, our team at Reliable Property Management is here for you.

Security Deposits

Security deposits may only be as much as two months’ rent in Maryland. If the landlord takes out money for repairs, they must give the tenant a list of these repairs along with their costs. The landlord must return the deposit in full (or a remainder if funds were taken for repairs) within 45 days of move-out. 

Additionally, tenants have the right to be present when their landlord inspects their unit at the end of their lease. Maryland’s landlords are required to inform their tenants about this right. 

Rent Withholding and Escrow

Tenants can be evicted for withholding rent in Maryland. If their landlord neglects to provide important utilities such as electricity or water, however, they may pay rent into an escrow account. But first, they must give their landlord adequate time to correct the problem and go through a legal process. 

Tenant Eviction

Maryland’s laws outline the landlord’s responsibility for eviction in several different situations. 

For example, if a tenant shows clear signs of danger to themselves, others, or the property, the tenant may be given 14 days to vacate before eviction is officially filed. If no imminent danger is present, but the tenant meets other eviction requirements, they must be given 30 days to vacate before eviction. 

Get the Support You Need With Reliable Property Management

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