Maryland Rent Control Laws

As a property owner, it’s important to be familiar with your state’s laws and regulations when it comes to renting out your home. If your tenant’s rights aren’t properly respected, you could end up paying costly penalties or even embroiled in legal trouble. 

One particularly important aspect of maintaining a property rental is whether your state has laws surrounding rent control. 

Can You Raise Rent in Maryland?

Maryland is one of several states in the country that does not legally enforce rent control. What that means is that Maryland has no formal restrictions on raising rent, and tenants are not entitled to specific rent control practices from their landlords. 

The specific city or county you live in might enforce certain laws that limit landlords’ ability to increase rent at any rate they choose, but at the state level, you are technically allowed to increase your property’s rent rate at your discretion.  

When Rent Increase Is Illegal in Maryland

Rent control may not be formally enforced in Maryland, but there are a few situations in which rent increases can result in legal trouble for landlords. These include the following:


Raising rent as a discriminatory action based on a tenant’s sex, race, religion, or familial status is illegal according to the Federal Fair Housing Act. If a tenant is able to provide reasonable proof of discriminatory rent increases, you could end up needing to pay steep legal fees. 


Landlords are not allowed to raise rent in order to retaliate against tenants for making complaints about the unit. If rent is increased within six months of a tenant filing a formal complaint with the city, you could be held liable for a retaliatory increase.

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