Can You Run a Background Check on a Potential Tenant?

Is it possible to run a background check on a potential tenant? Yes, and you should do this before selecting any applicant to live in your rental property. A thorough background check will protect you, your property, and your other tenants by ensuring your next tenant is an upstanding and high-quality candidate. 

Make Sure You Get Consent

Federal laws require that any potential employee or tenant provide consent before submitting to a background check. In addition to knowing what questions to ask on your rental application, printing online consent forms can simplify this process. Make sure to use a form that requests the applicant’s full name, date of birth, and recent address. 

The form should clearly state that the applicant consents to the background check. There should also be a statement verifying that the tenant is aware of their rights in relation to the background check.

Know What You’ll Need

You’ll find most of the basic information needed to start a background check on the consent form. In addition to the individual’s name, address, and date of birth, ensure you have their Social Security number. 

You’ll need their Social Security number to run thorough searches of the applicant’s rental history, criminal history, credit history, and employment history.

Use a Reputable Online Screening Service

When looking for a screening service, read reviews for the company. This will tell you about the experiences other property owners have had in using their services. 

Additionally, look for a service that runs a comprehensive background check. This will save you the time and expense of using several different services to conduct a full background check. Many property owners charge an application fee to offset the costs of running background checks.

Get Help From a Professional Team

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